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Terrorism Defence

Anti-terrorist law is a complicated and changing area. A number of acts of Parliament and various regulations and orders provide for exceptional counter-terrorism powers and offences based around these. To add to this the authorities such as the Security Services and Police have been granted a wide range of surveillance and investigation powers at their disposal in the event of suspicious to terrorist acts. There has been much debate and scrutiny on these specific powers based on the way they can be used.

Contact Mi Solicitors if you are concerned if you are being monitored or under investigation for suspected terrorist activities. We have a 24hr Help Line which you can call and discuss any matters quickly.

There are many various charges which can be brought about based around the current anti-terrorism law. You can become a suspect of terrorist activities and criminalised if you have possession of materials deemed as literature which may be used as a form of terrorism. Other terrorism offences include funding or assisting in the arrangement of funding for the purpose of terrorism, glorifying acts of terrorism and others.

As you can see the law of anti-terrorism is very broad and left open to interpretation based on who is interpreting this and can quickly make an innocent law abiding citizen into a suspect. So in any case of suspicion of being implicated in a terrorism case contact Mi Solicitors and we will ensure through our expertise we can defend you swiftly and without complications.

Mi Solicitors have experience and knowledge in dealing with allegations of terrorism arrests or charges, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible as terrorism is a very serious allegation for any person to face and it carries very serious consequences.