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Sexual Offences

Mi Solicitors know too well that any type of accusation with regards to sexual abuse cases can be traumatic for the defendant to deal with. As increase in technological advances and media to hand it can quickly spiral out of hand and an innocent person can quickly become the target of hate and abuse based on allegations.

On any type of allegation of sexual abuse the Police & prosecution services have very strong powers and can quickly create a large public scene, so even if you are confident that you can prove your innocence it is vital that you have qualified and experienced defence to ensure that in interviews between the accused and police are conducted appropriately to minimise any unnecessary complications.

The courts also have discretion to give out significant sentences and some can even mean life imprisonment and also an offender may be required to sign the sex offenders register and certain restrictions can also be issued such as travel to certain countries. So the outcome of being convicted of a sexual offence is not just the sentence but also the other effects, such as your future career, relationships, allowed areas you can travel and much more.

Mi Solicitors has a 24hr Helpline which you can call to ensure you get the best defence possible.