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POCA (Proceeds of Crime Act 2002)

The main objectives of POCA is to recover any proceeds gained through criminal activities. This includes very wide powers and can be applied to numerous situations from suspicion of money laundering to an individual with sums of cash. It has been reported that Police and Customs Officers have seized cash amounts of a few thousand pounds from normal Law abiding people and applying to courts for further detention and seizure. These powers also go as far as search and seizure of assets and closure of business and more.

Our specialist solicitors have vast experience and skills in ensuring we provide the highest quality of defence for you or your company against such objectives. We will look through all details thoroughly and tirelessly and ensure we find the best way of protecting your assets and presenting the best case possible.

As soon as an individual is convicted of a criminal offence where they can be shown to have financially gained something from this then the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 will give the prosecution the authority to seek a confiscation order, and they normally will get this. They will then calculate how much the defendant will have benefited and then they will be ordered to pay this back.

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