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Police Station Representation

"What happens at the Police station is important to the final outcome, get 24/7 representation from Mi Solicitors."

Mi Solicitors believe that our professional service at the police station is vital. Representation and assistance at such early stages is always fundamental and priceless. It could mean the difference of going to trial or coming home.

It is completely crucial that any discussion with an investigating Police Officer takes place in the presence of a solicitor. If you speak to the Police in any way this can be used as evidence, even on the telephone, so the importance of having a solicitor present is extremely vital.

Too often police officers often do not fully explain the consequences of coming into the police station for a discussion can very often emerge as an interview under caution.

It is important that you do not say anything to the police unless you have already sought our assistance.

Mi Solicitors are always available 24/7 to ensure that all legal rights and entitlements when you are at the police station are rigorously protected.

Mi Solicitors have a considerable amount of clients who we represent on a daily basis at the police station.