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Homicide / Murder

Mi Solicitors can deal with all types of complex cases of Homicide, we will ensure we cover all details in depth and never leave any possible evidence uncovered to ensure we can provide a solid defence for our clients.

Murder charges are the most serious offences and attract the most highest imprisonment sentences. There may be a number of instances where a person can get charged with Murder, in some cases it may be that an individual is part of a group and even though he/she has not participated in the crime, they may still be found guilty of Murder. As a Court may find that that the person was acting as part of the group. This is why it is impetrative that an individual ensures they get the defence worthy to get things sorted quickly without any mistakes which may carry a very heavy sentence.

In certain circumstances an individual may be arrested for Murder but as a matter of fact have been acting in defence or may had some loss of control.

We are aware that sometimes the prosecution may overlook certain pieces of vital evidence, this is where our speciality comes into play as we will go to extreme depths to get the detail which can make the difference between a life sentence or getting a result of being acquitted of murder charges.