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Money Laundering

"Mi Solicitors working thoroughly to ensure we cover all possible avenues."

Whether you or your business is being investigated for Money Laundering it can have devastating consequences, this can extend to your family and friends. This is because the enforcement powers that have been given to authorities can cause chaos in all aspects of your life. Charges can also be brought upon your family and friends if the prosecutors believe that they should have known the source of the income may have come from illegal sources or activities.

Our team of specialist solicitors will always work diligently to chase every possible line of enquiry to secure all types of evidence which can be used in your favour. Mi Solicitors will always present all information tactically to ensure we can persuade any jury to your favour.

So always ensure you contact Mi Solicitors in the first instance to ensure we can provide initial advice and support right from the start in ensuring we can prevent or win any Money Laundering proceedings against your or your business.