Robbery & Theft

Robbery and Theft

Robbery and theft can carry severe punishments such as a prison sentence.
A conviction can have other impacts on your life such as loss of employment, struggle to find a job, ruined reputation, loss of income and breakdown of family and relationships



A person is guilty of robbery if he steals, and immediately before or at the time of doing so, and in order to do so, he uses force on any person or puts or seeks to put any person in fear of being then and there subjected to force.

What differentiates robbery from theft is the threat or use of violence.

There are different types of robbery you may be charged with depending on the victim, location and intent.


Types of robbery

Robbery – street and less sophisticated commercial:
This would include robbery in a public space including stores and taxis, with little to no planning involved.
sentencing can vary from a community order to life in prison

Robbery – professionally planned commercial:
An offence with more planning involved at a commercial premise.
Sentencing can vary from 18months to 20 years custody with a maximum of a life sentence

Robbery – dwelling:
This usually involved the targeting of homes
Sentencing can vary from 1 year to 16 years in custody, with a maximum of a life

A robbery charge can very serious and so is dealt with by the crown courts
A charged person can be liable to imprisonment for life depending on other factors such as seriousness, previous convictions, impact on victim such as their mental health, property is taken, level of threat used, and involvement in the crime.


Theft is defined by section 1 of the 1968 Act as dishonestly appropriating property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it

This can include a range of offences. Most cases are seen by the magistrate’s courts but depending on seriousness it can be dealt with by the Crown Courts if for example the theft included item(s) of high value or included a high breach of trust.

Sentences can vary from an absolute discharge to 7 years in prison depending on the impact of the crime on the victim.

Prosecution involves a range of evidence such as DNA, fingerprints and mobile data including location information and calls history


Burglary is a complex crime. It involves illegally entering a building with the intent of committed a crime such as damage to property, stealing property or to cause harm.

A burglary sentence can carry up to 10 years in prison, and 14 years, if the property entered, was someone’s home.


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