Legal Aid

Legal aid allows for your legal fees to be paid by the Legal Aid Agency, where payment is given by the government to the solicitors.

Legal aid can be used at the Magistrates’ Court and the Crown Court.
There are different criteria for eligibility depending on situation and merit.

Our service at the police station however is free at the point of delivery. If you are arrested, it is imperative you seek legal help. Our most experienced, accredited and duty qualified members of staff attend at the police station. We ensure this is the case because no matter how serious or trivial an offence is. Our aim is to ensure that our clients receive first-class advice from qualified professionals throughout.

Mi solicitors offer full legal aid.


Our team can assess whether you are eligible for legal aid free of cost and guide you through the process to ensure you have to best opportunity to receive the funding and the best legal representation.

If you are not eligible for legal aid, you may have to privately fund your case. We understand going through a legal case can be a stressful period, which is why we offer exceptional service and legal advice. We will explain your option to you clearly and ensure you are given a professional service at a fair price.

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